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We Simplify Tire Service by Bringing the Tire Shop to You

Looking for an innovative solution to Tire Service?
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We are a revolutionary solution to all the regular tire services you may require.
Our Mobile Tire Shop is set up with all the latest equipment & tools to accomplish any task on any vehicle at any location, successfully!



Either it’s a puncture, corrosive wheel rim or a bad valve stem,
we have all the right supplies, tools & skills to solve any issue!

(Starting at $89.25 gst included )

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Have a set of loose tires that need to be mounted on your existing wheels, balanced, installed & tuned? This is the right service for you.

(Starting at $89.25 gst included )

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You have tires already mounted on their own wheels and need them swapped over? We can have this done for you.

(Starting at $89.25 gst included )

Flat Repair


Air Pressure Check

Wheel torque check


Flat Tire Repair

1 Tire

$89.25 tax incl.

2 Tires

$141.75 tax incl.

3 Tires

$194.25 tax incl.

4 Tires

$246.75 tax incl.

Tire Change

Price per vehicle. Mounting, Balancing, Installation & tax Included.

Up to 2 tires / Any Size

$89.25 tax incl.

Small Cars / 12" to 16" rim diameter

$126 tax incl.

Sedan, Coupe, SUV, Van / 17" to 19" rim

$147 tax incl.

Large SUV, Large Sedan / 20" to 24" rim diameter

$168 tax incl.

LT Tires / Any Size

$168 tax incl.

LT Mud Tires M/T

$210 tax incl.

LT Tires / Dually

$252 tax incl.

Utility Trailer (No Balance) 2 tires

$89.25 tax incl.

Utility Trailer (No Balance) 4 tires

$105 tax incl.